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Act-On marketing automation helps every marketer spark, extend, and expand the customer lifecycle for scalable, sustained business growth.


Discover Act-On's Growth Marketing Automation platform

Harness behavioral data to tailor every customer experience
– helping you grow your brand your way!

You have goals to reach and budgets to stretch.

Discover Act-On's Growth Marketing Automation platform

We’re here to help you shine.

Grow Your Business

Our marketing automation solution allows you to optimize your customers’ journeys — building continuous, customized engagement that transforms visitors into prospects.

Deliver Holistic Brand Experiences

Through automated buying journeys and personalized customer experiences, we’ll help you engage prospects, optimize engagement, and build loyalty.

Build Engagement for Your Offerings

From new prospects to loyal partners, our marketing platform helps you engage your audience, turn them into brand ambassadors, and keep them coming back for more.

Product Features

Drive awareness, convert great leads, and deliver exceptional customer experiences to grow your business with Act-On’s marketing automation product features.

Understand Your Audience. Optimize Your Strategy.

Ask ten consumers how they want to interact with a brand, and you’ll get ten different answers. Our marketing automation product features can help you enhance customer experiences, increase engagement, collect in-depth information to analyze target audience behaviors, and deliver truly exceptional buyer journeys that nurture long-lasting customer relationships.

Web & Landing Pages

Easily build, optimize, and launch landing pages and websites with tools and templates designed to enhance your funnel.

Generate Digital Conversions

Web Forms & Progressive Profiling

Easy to customize, develop, and deploy, our web forms help you manage customer information and optimize your lead generation efforts.

Capture Better Info

Lead Scoring

Assess unique engagement metrics across your touchpoints to create tailored messaging for your prospects and customers

Get Engaged


Dynamically group contacts by traits and behaviors to segment target audiences, deliver relevant messaging, and improve engagement.

Target Better


Attract, nurture, convert, and evangelize customers through our simplified, automated marketing tool that removes manual processes.

Get Started


Get the conversation going by delivering perfectly crafted messages to your targets using our automated email and messaging tools.

Reach Your Audience

Analytics & Reporting

Gain insight into how your audience interacts with your digital presence, and discover the most effective ways to connect with them.

Analyze That

CRM Integrations

Our open API and marketing solutions integrations provide complete visibility into the customer journey and data to customize content.

Customize and Connect

Search Engine Optimization

Act-On’s SEO features empower marketers to drive better and more consistent web traffic, increasing engagement metrics and producing measurable ROI.

Improve Your Ranking

Social Media Marketing

Learn what’s trending and collect the right data to engage with your top prospects and loyal customers, speak their language, and deliver the content they need.

Make Social Sing

Account-Based Marketing

Sync your CRM with Act-On to group, score, segment, and target the best opportunities with highly relevant, highly personalized campaigns and content.

Sharpen Your Focus


We’ve got the innovative tools, support services, and educational assets you need to succeed. Spend less time solving issues and more time forging meaningful experiences for your customers. Get the best help and support around.

Innovate. Support. Excel.

With our industry-leading experts and support team by your side, we’ll help you employ Act-On tactics that turn consumers into loyal customers.

Support Packages

Need help? We’ll set you up with a support package tailored to your unique business needs.

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Professional Services

From small projects to comprehensive campaigns, we’re here to exceed your needs.

Connect with our pros


Our email delivery experts work with you to enhance your sender reputation and reach your audience’s inbox.

Boost your reputation

Training & Certifications

We’re here to help you sharpen your skills, collaborating with your team to master our platform.

Get to class


Achieve your growth and revenue goals with Act-On’s marketing automation solutions. Our platform helps you build a brand consumers love – and keeps them coming back for more.

Marketing Automation Solutions for Every

Grow Your Business

Develop a strong digital presence and optimized funnel for your business that serves as the foundation for steady growth and sustained success.

Deliver Holistic Digital Marketing Experiences

We’ll give you the tools to provide a unique digital experience and engagement levels for your prospects and customers.

Engage Around Your Offerings

Take a multi-channel approach to drive top-notch product and service engagement, resulting in long-term relationships with passionate brand advocates.

Available plans

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