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Drive Sales 27x More With One Platform Integrated Sales, Marketing & Communication Platform


Integrated Sales and Marketing allows sales & marketing team to work together. It offers all the tools required for both sales & marketing teams. including CRM, Marketing Automation, Communication and reporting.

ISM allows to understand your customer better, the more targeted and strategic you can be in your communications. ISM captures relevant data about your target audience, like how online/offline visitors show interest in your products, did they engage in your email/SMS communication, did they visit your website, which pages they visited (and for what duration of time), at which page they left, and where they went next.

Various tracking metrics can help measure visitors’ interests toward specific marketing campaigns. And by syncing this data with lead box software will give your sales team even more insight into a buyer’s interests, actions, and pain points so they can tailor their conversations more effectively.

Available plans
₹100,000.00Rs Rs / Annually
Setup Fee: ₹0.00Rs