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ClaimBook is cloud-hosted; this means, there are practically no pre-requisites for its installation, other than a computer with an internet connection. There is no need for on-premise servers, hardware or additional resources, and absolutely no additional costs.

End-to-End automation of hospital claim process


Rules Engine

With an in-built rules-driven data and validation engine, ClaimBook knows exactly what information needs to be filled in and what documents need to be submitted. It only allows submission of complete requests and will disallow incomplete submissions.


  • Ensures error-free, complete submissions, every time
  • No possibility of missing out on required documents
  • Assured approval of pre-authorisation requests
Error-free claims processing
Smart data extraction

Smart Data Extraction

ClaimBook can read uploaded documents and also extract relevant data from your Hospital Information System (when integrated), to automatically enter details and avoid the need for manual entries.


  • Saves time and resources needed for manual entry of data
  • The possibility of human error is eliminated
  • Adherence to SLA is improved

Integrated Emailing

ClaimBook creates a virtual mailbox within the dashboard – with Inbox, Sent Items and Draft folders – similar to that of Microsoft Outlook. There is also the facility to compose emails directly from the application dashboard.


  • All claim-related communications can be managed from one place
  • Minimal need for training of staff due to user-friendly interface
  • Re-presenting requests become a breeze, using the ‘Forward’ functionality
Virtual mailbox for claim-related communications
Automated claims processing solution

Automated Progress

ClaimBook likes to keep your claims process moving. With auto-parsing techniques, case details are read and categorised into relevant folders, claims amounts are automatically calculated and entered and approved cases are moved to the finance department. ClaimBook can also be integrated with the hospital’s billing system for a more seamless workflow.


  • Turnaround time is assured
  • Adherence to SLA is improved


ClaimBook alerts you, every step of the way. Notifications help you take action on items needing attention, which you can address with a single click! A ‘Pending Items’ folder on the dashboard also keeps count of exactly how many items need attention, and can help you take control of your work.


  • It becomes easy to address pending actions
  • A more efficient insurance desk, assured
  • The claims management process progresses faster
Email, SMS and dashboard notifications
One click actions

One Click Actions

One dashboard handles all pre-authorisation cases and another handles all claims. However, all it takes is a single click to move an approved case to the claims dashboard without the loss of any data!


  • Seamless transition from pre-authorisation to claims
  • The possibility of human error is eliminated
  • Data re-entry is avoided

Enhancement Of Cases

Whether it is to include additional supporting documents or revise the approved amount, the Enhance functionality of ClaimBook comes in handy.


  • There is scope to rework and re-present claims
  • Claim rejections become a thing of the past
  • Revenue leakage can be effectively prevented
Rework and re-present claims
Courier tracking


When sending physical documents to the TPA for final settlement, they can be easily downloaded from ClaimBook. Moreover, to prevent the chances of couriered documents being misplaced, ClaimBook comes with the functionality to record courier details and track them easily.


  • No document sent for settlement is misplaced
  • Tracking of courier is made easy
  • Follow-up becomes more convenient

Tracking Of Fully-Paid/Partially-Paid Claims

At the time of reconciliation, ClaimBook makes it easy by displaying all details in a single screen. Fully-paid claims and partially-paid claims are categorised in separate folders.


  • Staff become more productive during reconciliations
  • It becomes easy to follow-up on outstanding payments, and saves hundreds of accounting hours
  • Revenue leakage can be reduced and even prevented
Tracking of fully-paid or partially-paid claims
Comprehensive reporting

Comprehensive Reporting

Case status reports, delayed case reports and outstanding dues reports can be generated on a daily basis. TPA performance and TAT reports can be generated on a monthly basis.


  • Downloaded reports/graphs can be used for business insights
  • Collection time is considerably reduced
  • Negotiations with TPAs become convenient

Information Display

Hospital display boards can be linked up to ClaimBook to provide patients/caregivers with real-time updates on their claim status.


  • Crowding at the insurance desk will be avoided
  • Insurance desk staff can work without pressure
  • Patients are well-informed and satisfied
Real time claims tracking
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