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Logic Restaurant

Optimize Product Retailing with Efficient Food & Beverage ERP Software A total integrated ERP Software for Food & Beverage Industry

ERP Solution for Bakery & Confectionery, Ice Cream Parlors, Food Courts, Restaurants & Bar, Quick Service Restaurants

Do you have multiple restaurant outlets at different locations? Well, you need a reliable restaurant management software to stay toe-to-toe with the food chain industry. To handle big and small restaurants or franchises includes multiple operations such as billing, kitchen handling, accounting, etc. But with LOGIC F&B software, you get centralized control over all the branches with a command over inventory management, POS billing details, menu items, individual locations, and much more.

LOGIC software also comes with a restaurant POS and billing system that enables you to handle daily tasks right on your fingertips. It can easily integrate with other departments, help you to directly handle orders and keep track of business performance anytime and anywhere.

Benefits - By Verticals

  • Enable with multiple services for POS at Food Courts, Fine Dining, Take Away and Home Delivery.
  • Kitchen and Bar Order Ticket Management with display system.
  • Recipe and Inventory management at back office.
  • Order processing and Material replenishment.
  • F & B costing.
  • Centrally control over menu pricing at POS.
  • Multiple outlet management at Food Court.
  • Combos and Packages of menu item.
  • Loyalty and Membership.
  • Customer Relationship Management.
  • Management Information System.

Benefits - By Industry

Food Courts / Cafe / Bakery / Ice-cream Parlour
  • Automatic Day Closing Procedure.
  • Single or different menu across multiple points.
  • Linked with kitchen for generation of KOT.
  • KOT display both at bar/ kitchen as well as waiter side.
  • Payment through cash card (magnetic card) or advance payment receipt at outlet.
  • Refund of amount with security amount in case of Smart Card/magnetic card.
  • Multiple tendering through Cash, Credit Card, Gift voucher, Loyalty Card etc.
  • Multiple levels of security and authorizations.
  • Common or Multiple menus across different billing points.
  • Addon Item.
  • Combo Meal.

Quick Service / Take Away
  • High volume billing with multi-mode payment settlement options.
  • Tracking stock of POS items with ease.
  • Tracks incoming Food and beverage stock from multiple sources like central kitchen/bakery, vendors, and other outlets in the chain and from its own production.
  • Tracks wastage /dumped items and generates daily reports for efficient planning.

Lounge Bars, Pubs & Night Clubs
  • Orders from floating customers, Tables & Tabs.
  • Brings efficiency in Table management.
  • Allows repeat orders with single click.
  • Tracks liquor inventory.
  • Simplifies cash management.
  • Integrates with liquor pourer.
  • Accepts Table reservations.
  • Supports Guest identification and tracking of guest visit & order history and preferences.
  • Easy Order taking & Billing and multi-payment settlement options.

Fine Dining
  • Allocation of table with Guest check-in number and Guest check-in flow.
  • Table order display with seating capacity. Joining and dismantling the table.
  • Waiter management.
  • Reservation and Booking management.
  • Tracking of arrivals and cancelled booking.
  • Confirmation through SMS or E-mail.
  • Multiple Kitchens handling.
  • Schemes on item or bill value.
  • Special promotion, schemes and packages for loyal customer.
  • Purchase and billing history.
  • Guest Information and history.
  • Scalability at menu item with modifier.
  • Tablet & Mobile Menu.

Take Away and Home Delivery
  • Identify Guests based on phone number and other fields.
  • Track guest order history, preferences and favorites.
  • Easily manage Order taking.
  • Notify customers through SMS on order confirmation and dispatch.
  • Print invoices with customer address.
  • Manage multi-mode payment settlement options. And do much more.
  • Online order booking.
  • Linking of vehicle with order and delivery man.
  • Vehicle and Driver management.
  • Order management.

Multi-site Enterprise
  •  Recipe & Inventory Management

  •  Order Processing and Material Replenishment

  •  Schemes & Promotions

  •  Online Order, Order from eMenu through TAB and Touch Screen.

  •  Loyalty & Gift Voucher Program

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