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Modern Talent Acquisition Platform with applicant tracking system used by 3000+ companies. Powerful Recruitment Software that makes hiring easy.

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The key to successful hiring is attracting the very best talent.

From the careers site editor to the sourcing extension, our powerful Attract Features help you get the best talent in your pipeline.

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Nothing slows down a hiring process like tedious, repetitive tasks.

From applicant tracking to easy scheduling, our advanced Automate Features take care of manual tasks and let you focus on what matters most.

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Embracing a data-driven approach is key to optimizing your process and making better decisions.

Recruitee’s state of the art Predict Features include industry-leading data reporting and prediction functions helping turn your data into a superpower!

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Recruitee’s Attract Features can help you get
the very best talent into your pipeline.

Build an employer brand

Attract the best talent by building a strong employer brand that candidates can fall in love with.

Careers site editor

Our drag and drop editor lets you easily build a beautiful careers site that strongly reflects your employer brand.

Candidate-friendly applications

With Recruitee you can seamlessly integrate your careers site onto your own domain, making it part of your website.

Jobs widget

Showcase your open jobs live on your careers site through our customizable jobs widget.

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Source the best candidates

With Recruitee, sourcing candidates no longer has to be time-consuming.

Chrome Extension

Recruitee's sourcing extension lets you automate your sourcing directly within your web browser.

Multiple sources

Our sourcing extension works on all major talent platforms, from Facebook to Dribble.

Automated sourcing

Our sourcing extension can automatically extract potential candidates’ contact information from a page.

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Promote your jobs where it matters

Leverage the most powerful channels to get your job listing out there.

Social sharing

Share your jobs across all social networks with one click.

All major job boards

Automatically post your job to over 10 free and over 1,200 paid job boards worldwide.

Google for Jobs

As soon as you put a job live, we make sure it's indexed on Google Search.

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Build a talent network

Building a network of great talent will ensure you have potential candidates for any role, even before you put it live.

Scalable talent pools

Create multiple talent pools in line with your hiring plan and be prepared for the future.

Talent management

Easily manage your talent pools with quick filters, smart search options, and bulk actions.


Share notes, files, and updates about your talent pools and collaborate with your team.

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Spend time on things that have the biggest impact
on your hiring by automating your manual tasks.

Track applicants in your pipeline

Advanced applicant tracking is the core of any powerful recruitment software.

Custom pipeline

Customize the stages of your hiring pipeline to match your ideal recruitment process.

Smart search

Use advanced Boolean search filters to easily identify previous applicants.

Automated actions

Pre-set actions that are automatically triggered when a candidate progresses in the pipeline.

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Conduct the best interviews

Recruitee's Interview Features allow you to connect with candidates and determine true fit.

Candidate evaluations

Evaluate candidates during interviews and share scorecards with your team.

Interview scheduler

Cross-check availability and find interview times that are suitable for both your candidates’ and your team’s agenda.

Video calling

Get to know your candidates during video calls, directly within the Recruitee app.

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Automate your candidate communications

Use advanced mailbox features to stay on top of your communication with applicants.

Quick templates

Speed up your candidate communications with quick email templates in Recruitee's mailbox.

Email scheduling

Automate your email communications and schedule emails for later.

Resume parsing

Easily check your candidates’ work experience thanks to our automatic resume parser.

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Collaborate with your team

Automate your manual tasks and collaborate closely with your team.

Unlimited users

With Recruitee, you can have unlimited users on any plan to maximize collaboration.

Real-time updates

See your team’s activities in real time while you use Recruitee for easy collaboration.

Notes & tasks

Create notes, tasks, and evaluations for every candidate and share them with your team members.

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Use advanced data analytics to optimize every stage of your recruitment process and predict hiring success.

Track the most important data

Join the future of data-driven recruitment with the most advanced analytics and reporting features in the industry.

Job success

See the most important data for your different job pipelines and make continuous improvements.

Candidate conversions

Monitor your candidate conversion rates and determine how to maximize your hiring success.

Team performance

Track your team’s activities and assess their hiring success for different jobs.

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Start reporting on your jobs

Get an overview of your team's performance with advanced reports for all your jobs.

Job overview

Get an overview report to see your progress for a specific job.

Candidate pipeline

Gain oversight into how candidates are progressing through your jobs’ hiring pipeline.

Events & activities

Clearly view your team’s events and activities and see how they are performing on a specific job.

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