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CallPage assists you in converting your website visitors into happy customers. Generate sales calls and leads, and move deals faster through the pipeline.

#1 tool to generate more sales leads & calls from your website

Use CallPage and provide immediate free phone callback to your leads in 28 seconds. 
Increase your sales,  decrease response time and boost your lead generation up to 75%.

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CallPage Product Overview

Convert More Visitors

with the powerful CallPage features

Adaptive popups that catch new leads on your website

CallPage displays fully customizable popups to your visitors. You can edit the text, use a dynamic element, or advanced customization via our powerful CSS editor. Rest assured, the pop-ups are wholly responsive and display beautifully on all devices.

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Advanced calls statistics and lead analytics

You can learn more about your lead & sales processes, post the call, and optimize it. Our customizable dashboard gives you a superior understanding of your calls, leads, and your sales process. Also, you can receive information not only in our panel but in your CRM or E-mail.

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Capture Leads 24/7

Set office hours during which your consultants are available. When they aren't accessible, you can switch on the "Out of the office" mode where a potential customer chooses the best time for contact, and you can call them when you back in the office.

Integrate CallPage with your favorite CRM and tools

View call history, listen to call recordings and analyze the performance of each traffic source in your CRM.

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Receive and collect all information about leads. In Real Time

We collect all information such as website visit history, GeoIP, Social Media profiles, and others. CallPage shows this information the moment when a visitor orders a call. You can also receive this data in Slack. .

Send personalized SMS follow-ups

With CallPage you can send automatic SMS follow-ups after every call, before a pre-ordered call and others. Plus, you can edit the content of the SMS and SMS Sender ID, so that your potential customers receive SMS with your Company Name.

Powerful built-in widget editor with CSS

Whether you want to edit the copy, use a dynamic element, or deploy advanced customizations via our powerful CSS editor - it's all possible. All our popups are fully responsive and display beautifully irrespective of the device or screen size.

Generate sales calls directly from Facebook Lead Ads

Using the native CallPage integration with Facebook, you can create Lead Ads, and receive calls directly in seconds after your potential customer fills out the ad form on Facebook or Instagram.

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Offer a phone call directly within your chat app

Do you use LiveChat? Then you're in for a treat. Our native integration with LiveChat offers you the opportunity to call your leads directly within the chat interface and collect all data in the app dashboard. Talk about providing a unique experience to your potential customers.

Segment leads with IVR or Department on the widget popup

If you want to segment your website visitors to different departments and regions, you can create a department and offer your visitors a choice of contact on the popup or before a connection via IVR.

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