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Free online survey tools & market research software from SurveySparrow - turn your boring feedback surveys into engaging conversations. Create surveys, now! The SurveySparrow founders, Shihab Muhammed (a Freshdesk veteran) and Subin Sebastian (a Zoho engineer) have been friends since college. The longtime friends came together to build and scale SparrowApps, and SurveySparrow is their flagship product.

One Platform, Many Solutions.
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Net Promoter Score®

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Custom Reports

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Enterprise Survey Software

Enterprise Survey Software to thrive in your business ecosystem

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Grab the best survey software to run your enterprise ecosystem easily.

Perform in-depth data analysis and research with the best Enterprise Survey Software.

Custom Domain

Host surveys from your company’s domain and white-label it. Make surveys truly your own and promote your brand across.

Custom CSS

CSS-style your surveys to perfection. Design with themes and slip CSS codes to customize surveys just the way you want.

Custom Email

Share your emails from your company’s domain address. Customize the subject, body, and every bit of your email.

Scheduled Reports

Receive survey reports in your inbox at a configured time. Without logging in, you can a complete picture of survey performance & responses once you schedule & automate reports.

Cross Tabulation

Compare responses of a survey based on any specific criteria and gain hidden insights. Cross-tabulate responses to understand how different entities of your survey are related.

SPSS Data Export

Export your survey results in the SPSS(Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) format, to perform in-depth statistical analysis.

Data security

Securely collect data with custom SSL. With GDPR compliance, data security is of utmost importance to us. All your data is encrypted and safely stored.

Sub accounts

Manage multiple accounts under a single parent account. For instance, you can have separate sub-accounts for the different teams in your organization. The parent account can access all sub-accounts.

Multiple Users

Set up & scale with multiple users for an account. Survey visibility & accessibility can be managed using folders & teams. Even if the account-handler is no longer present with you, all the info and data remain intact.

Centralized billing

Manage the billing for different teams or multiple sub-accounts with centralized billing. Have as many subaccounts and users within it as you want. And, everything falls under a single billing making payments & life easier.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Support, literally a call away, 24*7*365. For any queries, support, or issues you can reach out to the customer success manager, dedicated to you.

Transactional surveys

Station and trigger feedback surveys at every opportune customer touchpoint using our API. You can share relevant data to a third-party tool using webhooks.

Single sign-on(SSO)

With your organization's credentials login to your account using SSO or single sign-on.

What else is in the cart?

With an enterprise survey software, create engaging feedback questionnaires easily.

Easy survey creation

Create surveys swiftly using the intuitive interface of enterprise survey software. You can opt for chat-like surveys or conversational forms. Collect feedback routinely using NPS surveys. Go internet-free with offline surveys and gather data remotely.

Design flexibility & customization

Design surveys exactly the way you want. Style it using CSS customization to match it perfectly with your requirements. Customize and personalize it inside-out using contact params and custom variables.

Design your surveys as needed and personalize it using enterprise survey software.
Use the smart logic feature of enterprise survey software to pose relevant questions only.

Smart Logic

Conditional logic branching presents only what’s relevant to the particular respondent. Skip logic shifts the survey flow to a part based on the conditions you set while display logic shows a question based on rules you configure.

Meet the Best Feedback Chatbot for Website

Collect feedback smartly from your website visitors with the engaging Chatbot for website, Feedbot.

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Auto-triggered Surveys

The simple and straightforward auto-triggered chatbot for website gently pops-up when a visitor drops by and the webpage is loaded. In this manner, your visitor will never miss it. You can configure when the chatbot must pop-up; after a set time or after the user scrolls a specific section of the webpage.

Trigger surveys automatically when user visits your website.
Let your users take the survey according to their convenience using user-invoked surveys.

User-invoked Surveys

If auto-triggering isn’t your choice, you can pick the user-invoked type of chatbot for website. Give your visitor the time to click and initiate the chat. This subtle approach enables the chatbot to display when the user wishes to.

Inline Embedded Surveys

Do you wish to collect live feedback from each of your website visitors? Then Inline Embedded chatbot for website would be your best choice. Position the chatbot anywhere on the webpage, and it waits for the user to scroll down and start the feedback chat. Oh, and you can fix the height, width & styling. Neat.

Embed your feedback survey anywhere on the website.

Net Promoter Score® Software

Turn customers into promoters

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Make NPS a business routine

Segment your audience using custom fields.

Segment audience with custom fields

Uncover deeper insights by sorting your NPS using custom fields like location, date of feedback submission, etc. Segment your customers instantly and adopt different follow-up strategies.

Collect feedback from your customers periodically.

Collect Feedback Periodically

Schedule surveys for periodic intervals. Configure the survey settings once and forget about it. Set up a cyclic feedback system. Automate the process; save your time and efforts.

Share surveys after a definite interval using throttling feature.

Throttle your surveys

Don’t bombard your customers with one NPS survey after another. Why annoy them when you can throttle surveys and ensure no respondent is surveyed until a configured time? Enter the days, 90 for example, and the batch of respondents will be surveyed only after a quarter.

View your customers’ journey using NPS software.

View customer journey

Inspect and understand the complete journey of a customer and their experience with your brand. With the feedback from all their interactions, map the customer journey clearly and identify the pain-points.

Elevate Your Research with World-class Audience Panel

Get the best research validation with responses from a pre-screened and profiled audience with our Online Panel!

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Get Qualified Members in your Audience Panel
Quality Panel

Custom-profiled audience from diverse demographics to suit the nature of your survey

Access Panelists from Around Globe for Feedback
Across 80 Countries

Listen to the voice of people from all over the world

Swift and Efficient Feedback Collection with Audience Panel
Swift and Efficient

Get in-hand invaluable feedback with the right questions to right audience

Gain Accurate Data with Audience Panel
Refined Data

Gain inestimable insights. Locate your strengths and identify blind-spots.

Make Better Decisions Effortlessly
Make Better Decisions

With refined data from the right audience, make crucial decisions effortlessly!

Around the Clock Support Anytime!

Round the clock and across the year. Anytime you need us, we’re there for you!

Offline Survey Tool

Real-time data collection, on the move.
Go internet-independent.

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