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Allbound is a software as a service (SaaS) PRM platform that gives its customers and partners real-time access to sales enablement, marketing tools, and resources. Users can manage the partner life cycle from onboarding, training, enablement to pipeline management.

There's a Smarter Way to Manage Your Partners

Allbound’s partner relationship management (PRM) tool allows you to automate partner training, manage MDFs, co-brand, and gain visibility into what’s working all while integrating with your favorite tools.

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Allbound Ranks #1 in G2Crowd Momentum Grid® for Partner Relationship Management

We’re Leaders Within the PRM Industry

Why Make Allbound Your PRM Solution?

The results-driven ingenuity of Allbound’s next generation platform and our proven track record of helping channel leaders reach their goals quarter-after-quarter, year-after-year, is what’s earned Allbound our reputation as the industry’s leader in PRM.

Simple. Powerful. Effective.

With seamless integrations to your existing technology stack, painless onboarding and a dedicated Customer Success Manager, you can rest assured that the people, processes and technology driving your channel’s success are optimized to deliver real, measurable outcomes. That’s the Allbound way. A way you – and your partners – can be proud of.

Allbound PRM is The Platform for Successful Partnerships

Simplify and digitize your entire partner life cycle with Allbound’s Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Software – from partner onboarding, to enablement, marketing collaboration and deal registration.

We built a solution to meet your PRM program needs, blending intuitive design with cutting-edge enhancements.

Product Overview

Portal Access

Securely manage portal access and deliver a partner-centric experience


Streamline onboarding and training to successfully ramp partners

Resource Library

Store unlimited content and organize how partners view and share it


Co-branded assets to truly go-to-market with partners

Market Development Funds

Generate market awareness and drive more qualified leads with a MDF program

Deal Registration

Eliminate channel conflict with a formalized deal registration process

Customizable Partner Portal

Start Increasing Partner Engagement With a Customizable Partner Portal

Measurable partner engagement is the key to success for a thriving partner program. Create a place to interact with and enable your partners.

The result? An easy-to-use platform with increased partner adoption and engagement.

Fully Tailored Towards Your Brand

Every element of the partner portal—the color scheme, iconography, URL—provides a custom experience for your partners.

Create Your Own Partner Sign Up Process

Choose your own form fields when partners sign up. Once approved by you, partners can log in through Allbound using a single sign-in and 2FA (two-factor authentication).

Customized Experiences Based on Roles

Tailor the user experience to speak directly to a partner’s specific needs. By granting different groups and tiers varying levels of access, you prioritize relevant information while blocking unnecessary materials.

Outshine the Competition

By offering an attractive interface and built-in efficiencies, you encourage partner engagement and loyalty.

User-Friendly Layout

Allbound designed the partner portal to make the features partners value readily accessible while minimizing any learning curve.

Polished Partner Experience

Make a strong first-impression with a robust, co-branded partner portal that shows you care about your partners’ experience.

Simplify Channel Management and Increase Partner Engagement with Allbound.

Seamless Partner Onboarding And Training

Quickly On-board Partners Using Easy-to-Access Training Modules

Make key training materials easily accessible when needed most. This allows channel reps to better market and support your products by strengthening their baseline knowledge and finding answers in real-time.

View individual partner’s engagement with trainings and their growth to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and overall level of investment in your products. With this knowledge you can determine the effectiveness of your materials, potential new topics, and which mediums partners prefer.

Learning Tracks and Quizzes

Partners can access your videos, playbooks, and brand resources to build their understanding. In turn, test their progress to determine which materials are most effective.

Intelligent Search Function

Partners can find and utilize the assets they need most by simply entering a term, prompting the portal to present related resources.

Configurable Quick Links

Guide partners towards your latest product updates or prioritized training courses by customizing the quick links the portal displays.

Simplify Channel Management and Increase Partner Engagement with Allbound.

Content Library

Unlimited Content Storage With the Ability to Restrict Access to Certain Materials Based on Partner Groups

Empower partners with a wealth of materials easily accessible within the portal. The sophisticated search function and smart organization helps users quickly find the content that pertains to their role, industry, and current sales objectives.

Efficient Customization of User Access

Cater to the specific partners’ needs by only serving them content related to their roles, preventing them from becoming overwhelmed.

Agile Content Configuration

Compose your content library to reflect your priorities, sales approach, and partner feedback.

Data Driven Content Management

You will learn what content resonates with what types of partners and leads to what outcomes. Segment your content for groups of users, regions, verticals, etc. The content is highly searchable.

Pinning of Essential Materials

If a resource proves particularly helpful, they can easily “pin it” to swiftly revisit time and time again.

Easy Discovery of Relevant Resources

Partners can find content specific to their needs by utilizing the platform’s search function, as well as well as browsing based on sales stage, industry, audience member, or assigned tags.

Optional Social Sharing Capabilities

Enable partners to share content directly from your partner portal to their social media channels.

Simplify Channel Management and Increase Partner Engagement with Allbound.

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