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IDfy is helping build a world without fraud where people and businesses can engage with confidence. As a gatekeeper, IDfy ensures that only the real can enter and transact. Our proprietary systems are built on the latest in machine-learning based anomaly detection, machine vision, and identity authentication techniques. These systems catch new and emerging fraud as well as fraud that previously went undetected, keeping our clients, their customers and employees safe and secure.
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Why IDfy

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Optimise Conversions

Accurate authentication of individuals along with a smooth onboarding experience

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Reduce Fraud

Fraud detection and prevention using machine learning and data science

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Ensure Compliance

Compliance with GDPR, AML, KYC and other Government regulations


IDfy listed in Fintech Global REGTECH100

World's most innovative companies in regulatory technologies that every financial institute needs to know about




The rise of Real Money Gaming in India

Real Money Gaming has evolved from niche to mainstream Indian Pop Culture. Laws, digitization and connectivity are backbone of this growth. With Insights from - Nishith Desai Associates


IDfy's Video KYC to Reduce Cost by 90%: Economic Times

"IDfy has launched a video KYC method to help service entities collect full user documentation through live video and reduce cost by more than 90%.


IDfy is verifying lakhs of IPL fans every week

IDfy helps in ID checks of Dream-11 customers before they withdraw money. Bhavit Sheth, Co-Founder and COO of Dream11, said, “IPL is a very active period for us as we acquire a large number of new users. Partnering with IDfy has helped us provide uninterrupted and hassle-free user experience, especially at the KYC stage.”

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Enterprise-Grade Video KYC

Speed-up customer on-boarding, reduce drop-offs and eliminate bad actors

Regulatory-compliant solution with integrated checks for PAN card, Aadhaar XML file, Face Compare, with Geo-tagging and Aadhaar Masking

IDfy's Video KYC Process

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1. User signs up on your site or app and submits KYC documents

2. User initiates a live video call with your agent

3. Agent records the call with randomized questions, gestures and pictures

4. Call data made available to audit team workflow via portal dashboard

We comply with Regulators

Here's a snapshot of the RBI guidelines

  Regulatory Requirement   IDfy Video KYC solution
1 Video to be recorded; Live photograph of the customer Recording of video interaction; Screenshot capability
2 Offline Aadhaar verification; XML file not older than 3 days Aadhaar XML through UIDAI site. Generation date to be checked
3 Clear image of PAN card Only clear and usable images will be accepted
4 PAN verification from database Verification done within 3 seconds
5 Geo-tagging to ensure customer is in India Geolocation captured using Latitude/Longitude
6 Photograph of customer to be matched with the one on IDs In-built FaceMatch providing compare scores and band-guidance
7 Identification details on IDs to be matched with form OCR extracted details from IDs to be compared with form
8 Randomization of sequence/type of questions Client can specify questions, which can be randomized
9 Concurrent audit Dashboard allowing for concurrent audit & maker-checker
10 Identification and liveness of customer beyond doubt Gesture-based liveness check
11 Video triggered from RE domain IDfy solution sits behind client domain
12 Video to be saved securely with date/time stamp IDfy provides storage, labeling, archiving of video files
13 Use of latest AI and Face Matching technologies Built on cutting-edge ML providing accurate FaceMatch
14 Redact Aadhaar Number as per sec 16 In-built Aadhaar Masking APIs

Benefits Delivered

Remotely On-board Customers

IDfy's Video KYC allows you to onboard customers remotely without the need for a physical In-person verification (IPV)

Service Customers Instantly

With KYC completed in minutes, IDfy's Video KYC helps you instantly open an account or disburse a loan

Comply with Regulations

IDfy's Video KYC complies with all KYC and AML norms set by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and SEBI

Scale with business growth

IDfy's Video KYC solution is built to scale with your business growth and sudden spikes in volume

Developer friendly

Our extensive documentation & integration specialists will make go-live a breeze.

Security Protocol

We use communication channels encrypted through API tokens. Payload and data at rest stored encrypted with AES256 algorithm. We also use penetration testing, on-demand and auto-purge policy.

On-boarding, Training & Support

We understand Ops. We run our own call-centers and know what it takes to get the agents up and running efficiently. Ask our rep about our L1, L2 and L3 support for Video KYC


Our comprehensive, tech-enabled processes confirm the authenticity of an individual's information by checking across multiple sources.

We perform all major background checks including education, employment, references, salary slips, court and police records

Education Checks

We verify the credibility of the university and follow it up by confirming education credentials of the individual including their years and grades.

Employment Checks

We check the organization's authenticity and verify the individual's employment details including position, tenure of work, and reasons for leaving.

Reference Checks

We conduct thorough checks on the references provided by the individual. We re-confirm all details and also collect qualitative information on the candidate through their references.

Social Media Check

Our API-based comprehensive rich media search includes social media checks to create social profiling and highlight any post-joining threats.

Court Records Check

Our APIs run court records checks across 3000 judiciary courts

Police Verification

Foolproof processes for verification of individuals through police and criminal records

Products built on the latest in machine-learning based anomaly detection, machine vision and identity authentication technologies to catch emerging fraud as well as fraud that previously went undetected.

General Features

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APIs and SDKs

Seamlessly integrable APIs and SDKs for realtime results

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Complete process workflows for underwriters and recruiters

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Reports & Analytics

Detailed analytics for informed decision making and audit-ready reports

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Data Science / AI

Machine learning algorithms and big data analytics for early fraud detection

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Audit and Compliance

Processes compliant with government and industry standards, and reports ready for comprehensive audits

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Impenetrable data security and complete legal and statutory compliance

Available plans
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