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Fraud detection software for online fraud and abuse. ✔️Protect every customer interaction with a single integrated fraud detection solution.We believe trust and safety are fundamental to every online interaction. As the pioneers of Digital Trust & Safety, we help more than 34,000 sites and apps navigate the fine balance between growing revenue and protecting their business.


Embrace a new approach to grow revenue without risk

Prevent all types of online fraud and abuse with a single integrated solution.

Comprehensive capabilities

Everything your team needs to secure user accounts and work more efficiently.

Holistic protection

Our unified Suite provides the capabilities you need to safeguard all user interactions and optimize for growth.

Sift Engine

An unrivaled global network of data, real-time machine learning, and 16,000+ signals results in the most accurate solution available.

Console and Workflows

Our user-friendly Console enables deep-dive investigation and easily automates dynamic user experiences based on risk.

Expert consultation

Receive a tailored Digital Trust & Safety assessment and access a dedicated solutions team to enhance your in-house initiatives.


Everything you need to eliminate payment fraud

Stop all types of fraudulent transactions from any online channel, accept more orders, and protect your business.

A complete fraud-fighting platform

Everything your team needs to catch fraud and work more efficiently.


Our user-friendly Sift Console is designed to highlight critical information you need to make fast, accurate decisions.


Build business logic within Sift to block, accept, and dynamically add or remove friction based on risk.


Get visibility into key metrics with dashboards that update in real time.

Insult Monitor

The only solution that allows you to identify your true false-positive rate and accept more orders.


Eliminate bad content at its source

Proactively block spam, scams, and other malicious content to safeguard the integrity of your platform and your brand.

A fraud-free platform, at your fingertips

Powerful, intuitive tools ensure community integrity and help you work more efficiently.


Easily build business logic to automatically take action on fraudsters and their content. Block, accept, and dynamically tailor user experiences based on risk—with no engineering resources required.


Build business logic within Sift to block, accept, and dynamically add or remove friction based on risk

Network Visualization

Uncover hidden coordination behind attacks, and shut down entire fraud rings with a single click. Our holistic analysis of thousands of signals exposes connections and patterns that other solutions miss.


Gain real-time visibility into top-line metrics like content and account creation, bottom-line metrics like block rate, and indicators like the amount of content being reported by users on your platform.


Complete protection for your users and your brand.

Stop fake signups instantly, and shield your loyal customers from account takeover.

Comprehensive capabilities

Everything your team needs to secure user accounts and work more efficiently.


Easily detect suspicious behavior associated with account takeover, and quickly stop fraud rings with our Network Graph.


Leverage the accuracy of machine learning to create seamless, dynamic two-factor experiences – all with a single integration.


Automate your defenses to stop credential stuffing and fake account creation, so your users feel safe and have frictionless experiences.


Customizable Review Queues make it easier to audit suspicious signups and logins, so you can work faster and more efficiently.

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