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Egnyte provides secure file sharing, intelligent content services and collaboration solutions. Access and share data with our cloud-based file sharing platform.With thousands of customers worldwide, in a variety of different vertical markets, Egnyte delivers secure content collaboration, compliant data protection and simple infrastructure modernization; all through a single SaaS platform.
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There's No “Going Back,”
Only Forward

Secure and manage all your content across
distributed teams, devices and apps

Secure Remote Work

Provide file access and sharing from anywhere – the right way.

Transform IT Spend

Reduce hardware, software and admin costs while increasing agility.

Discover & Control Risks

Gain visibility, detect threats and govern content across clouds, on-prem, and apps.

Digitize Business Processes

Create new ways of working that span teams, partners and customers.

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Powered by turnkey content intelligence

Uncover new business insights, scale compliance and governance, reduce costs, and increase productivity. Right out of the box.

Ready for one type of business — yours

Flexible deployment models, robust integration ecosystem, and open APIs to address the business needs of companies in diverse industries and regions, and at different levels of cloud adoption.

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Protect what matters

Total data governance. Built-in compliance.

An intuitive self-service experience empowers IT to protect business content and keep it compliant with the latest industry regulations. Not to mention, constant updates to Egnyte’s SaaS keep customers ahead of the evolving regulatory landscape.

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Identify. Classify. Protect.

Egnyte uses machine learning techniques to locate and classify sensitive information across company repositories. By putting IT in control of company data, Egnyte Protect helps reduce the risk of being breached and protects sensitive data stored locally and in the cloud.

Proactive data security.

Empower administrators with a content governance solution that provides oversight into company content. With the ability to detect unusual file behavior and control file access all in real-time, businesses can be strategic in their approach to securing sensitive data.

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Total regulatory compliance.

One solution, one screen, one click. Egnyte helps businesses comply with data regulations like GDPR, FINRA, HIPAA, CCPA, and more—in a single click. Egnyte Protect can also assist in responding to data subject access requests, like the Right to be Forgotten.


Collaborate. Integrate. Elevate.

Ensure work flows efficiently across your organization with one access point for all business content. With hundreds of integration partners embedded in existing content collaboration tools, teams can work how they want on the devices they choose. Seamless, secure, streamlined.

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Unify your content and your teams.

Connect all content moving from users, through apps, to devices with a single collaboration platform. File changes sync automatically across your organization, ensuring internal and external teams always have access to the latest versions, regardless of their location.

Always connected. Always compliant.

Seamlessly share and access files while maintaining compliance with the latest industry data regulations. Egnyte offers complete content visibility and built-in audit capabilities to ensure regulatory standards are met and intellectual property is secure.

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Collaboration beyond the cloud.

Today's teams need a reliable content collaboration platform to access project files from anywhere, even when connections are spotty. Egnyte Desktop App gives business users the ability to work offline, knowing the changes they make will sync to the cloud once internet is available.

Work better and safer together.

Customize folder permissions, as well as passwords, expiration dates, and other settings for file links to collaborate effectively without sacrificing security. Complete content collaboration with complete visibility and rich audit capability keeps IT in control and teams productive.

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The Content Services Platform for Content-Critical Business

In a world of distributed work and content-rich processes that span internal and external teams, having the right content services platform has never been more essential to business success. And, when content is critical, disjointed collaboration, productivity and workflow tools just won’t do. You need unified content governance, intelligent data protections, and an open, vendor-agnostic content architecture that’s flexible and adaptable to change. That’s where Egnyte comes in.

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Tackle content chaos

The recent explosion in cloud content has created an information governance nightmare for IT and compliance teams. Egnyte enables you to simplify and streamline content governance without getting “boxed in” to an all-or-nothing approach. Consolidate data and manage risk across not only Egnyte’s own repository but also the leading cloud office suites, public clouds, and 3rd-party cloud apps.

Modernize to the cloud

Outdated file and document management systems remain a huge drain on IT resources, requiring specialized teams to administer and frustrating end users. Egnyte provides all the benefits of on-prem systems in a cloud-based delivery model, without the overheads. Enable file access from any device, anywhere, without VPN. Cache large files on local appliances and devices, so bandwidth is never an issue. Migration services make the transition easy.

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Secure remote work

When productivity and security are treated as separate problems, users find workarounds and IT is left playing “cat and mouse” games just to keep up. Egnyte enables users to collaborate how they want and IT to apply security policies to protect data anywhere, on any device, in any app. Rapidly deploy multi-factor and mobile device management capabilities with just a few clicks. Secure files with granular permissioning. Quickly identify and remediate suspicious user downloads. Detect and contain ransomware attacks before they spread.

Digitize your business

Experience matters. Surprise and delight your employees, partners, and customers with seamless, intuitive interfaces that make everyday workflows simple and easy. Egnyte provides native apps for desktop, mobile, and tablet. Machine-generated metadata keeps files organized and business processes running smoothly, without any added friction. Open APIs and an extensive partner ecosystem make it easy to embed Egnyte within the tools your users are already working in.

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