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Snyk helps you use open source and stay secure. Continuously find and fix vulnerabilities for npm, Maven, NuGet, RubyGems, PyPI and much more.Snyk’s unique combination of developer-first tooling and best in class security depth enables businesses to easily build security into their continuous development process.

Develop fast.

Stay secure.

Enabling more than 400,000 developers to continuously find and fix vulnerabilities in open source libraries and containers.

Securing open source and containers

throughout your modern development process



Identify container base image security guidance and prioritized vulnerability fixes



Continuously monitor application
dependencies to automatically find and fix new vulnerabilities.



Find and fix Kubernetes and Terraform infrastructure as code issues while in development

Snyk Open Source Security Management

Automatically find, prioritize and fix vulnerabilities in your open source dependencies throughout your development process

Test as early as possible,
natively from your environment

Integrated IDE check

Detect vulnerable dependencies during coding to avoid future fixing efforts and save development time.

Native Git scanning

Scan pull requests before merging. Test your projects directly from the repository and monitor them daily for new vulnerabilities.

CI/CD security gate

Prevent new vulnerabilities from passing through the Build process by adding an automated Snyk test to your CI/CD.

Production environment

Test your running environment to verify there is no exposure to existing vulnerabilities and monitor for newly disclosed vulnerabilities.

Prioritize faster and make
data-driven security decisions

Dependency tree view

Accelerate your triaging process with Snyk’s dependency path analysis which allows you to understand the dependency path through which transitive vulnerabilities were introduced.

Priority Score 

Easily see which issues are the most worthwhile to fix using an advanced, built-in scoring system. 

Reachable Vulnerabilities 

Gauge risk by identifying whether a vulnerable function is reachable by the application or not.

Runtime Monitoring

Prioritize fixes based on whether vulnerabilities are actually called during runtime.

Exploit maturity

Use exploitability indicators to identify the vulnerabilities that can be weaponized more easily.

Accuracy control for minimizing false positives

Receive high-accuracy alerts that are verified and qualified by Snyk’s dedicated security research team.

Fix quickly to reduce exposure
with automated remediation

Minimal fix required

Snyk identifies the minimal upgrade required in order to clear a vulnerability and notifies when there is a risk of breaking the code.

Transitive dependency fix

Accelerate triaging of transitive vulnerabilities with Snyk’s fix suggestions for the direct dependency.

Fix pull request

Automate fixing with a one-click fix pull request populated with the required upgrades and patches.

Precision patches

When upgrading is too disruptive (or not available), fix quickly and precisely with Snyk’s proprietary patches (developed in collaboration with the maintainer).

Auto dependency upgrades

Keep your projects secure and current by automatically finding and fixing new vulnerable and out-of-date dependencies.

Monitor continuously
to maintain your code security level

Newly disclosed vulnerabilities

Automatically monitor your projects and deployed code and get notifications whenever new vulnerabilities are disclosed.

Gating new dependencies

Prevent new vulnerabilities from passing through any stage of the development process.


Understand the state of all of your security vulnerabilities and license issues in one place. Monitor how your team addresses issues with an auditable inventory of dependencies used in your projects.

Alerts and notifications

Get updates on newly identified vulnerabilities through preferred channels including Slack, Jira, email, etc.

Easily manage vulnerabilities and license issues at scale

Security policies

Automatically prioritize and de-prioritize vulnerabilities using fully customizable security rules.

License policies

Create, customize and manage license compliance policies across your organization. Learn more about Snyk’s License Compliance Management

Project tags & attributesCOMING SOON!

Easily manage your projects using built-in attributes or your own customized tags.

Snyk Container

Empowers developers to easily find and fix vulnerabilities in containers and Kubernetes applications

Fix issues quickly to minimize exposure and risk

Base Image remediation

Scale the security process by quickly eliminating many of vulnerabilities by upgrading to the most secure base image or by rebuilding the image when outdated.

In-line fixes

Get straight to the line in your Dockerfile that’s introducing vulnerabilities and easily trace dependencies to discover which of your tools is the causing issues.

Application and container vulnerabilities together

You may not always have access to the original source code that runs in your containers, but vulnerabilities in your code dependencies are still important. Snyk can detect and monitor open source dependencies for popular languages as part of the container scan.

Quickly identify the vulnerabilities posing the greatest risk

Easily see which issues are the highest priority to fix. Snyk’s exploit maturity for Linux vulnerabilities highlights issues with known exploits in the wild. And we correlate Kubernetes workload configuration with vulnerabilities to indicate areas of higher risk.

Monitor continuously to protect after deployment

Image monitoring

Monitor your images for newly discovered vulnerabilities and base image updates and receive alerts via Slack, Jira or email.

Kubernetes application configuration

Detect newly deployed and updated workloads in Kubernetes clusters to ensure images are scanned for vulnerabilities. Uncover potentially unsafe settings in Kubernetes workloads that could expose your cluster to additional attacks and privilege escalations.

Kubernetes code scanning

Detect security issues in your Kubernetes YAML, JSON and Helm code early in the development lifecycle to correct configuration issues before you deploy to your clusters.

Snyk Infrastructure as Code

Put cloud native configuration security in the hands of developers

Find and fix security issues in Terraform and Kubernetes code

Snyk Infrastructure as Code (Snyk IaC) helps developers write secure configurations, well before anything reaches production. Snyk’s developer-first approach meets developers where they work and provides fixes that can be directly merged into code.

Empower developers to handle IaC security

Built to help developers secure entire cloud native application code stack

Build-in security best practices

Turn IaC security best practices into code fixes in your developers’ workflow

IaC security at scale

Embed your security expertise in every application team, without hiring more people

Developer-focused infrastructure as code security

Test and monitor Terraform modules and Kubernetes YAML, JSON, and Helm charts to detect configuration issues that could open your deployments to attack and malicious behavior.


Curated security information that empowers developers to fix issues and move on.

Security in context

Highlight configuration issues directly in your code, to learn and reinforce secure infrastructure as code development practices.

Automatically fix issues

Fixes generated automatically so you can merge and eliminate the guesswork of creating secure configurations.

IaC security without complexity

Snyk IaC is designed to help security and development teams work together. Snyk fits the way developers work, providing instructive infrastructure as code security advice and fixes without the need to translate pages of benchmarks into code.

Reduce risk

Eliminate manual, error-prone code reviews that require deep subject matter expertise on every team.

Prioritize developer focus

Customizable built-in rules allow you to embed your security best practices in the development and test process.

Secure from the start

Integrates with developers’ workflows. Test and monitor locally, in CI, or from git repositories.

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