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Applicant tracking system,ATS,applicant tracking software,saas applicant tracking,interview planning software,Greenhouse,,hiring software,hiring system,recruitment software.Leverage Greenhouse’s Onboarding software to set new hires up for success.We innovate impactful ways to help our customers be great at hiring. It’s an honor to be recognized by many industry analyst research reports and rankings as a leading hiring software company.

Greenhouse Recruiting

Great hiring at every step

Effectively and measurably make smarter hiring decisions with Greenhouse Recruiting.

Get the technology and know-how
to be great at hiring so you can:

Source and nurture the right candidates

Set up an equitable hiring process

Create an exceptional hiring experience for everyone

Use robust data and reports to continuously improve

Stay flexible with our Recruiting and Event mobile apps

Scale to the size of your business

Find and track the right candidates

Classify and nurture talent in your CRM Essential talent database so you can filter and find exactly who you’re looking for.

  • Seamlessly collaborate with hiring teams directly in your ATS with @mentions, shared application reviews, job and offer approvals
  • Empower your stakeholders to play their part with fine-grained permissions and stay ahead with alerts, tasks and notifications
  • Track candidate relationships over time

Set up a fair and
equitable hiring

Reduce unconscious bias at every step of the hiring process
with in-the-moment nudges, measurement tools and more.

  • Decide on a scorecard of key attributes for a candidate’s
    success at the beginning to evaluate all candidates consistently
  • Create an organized plan that helps interviewers assess the
    right skills, traits and qualifications

Create an impressive
candidate experience

Connect with applicants through focused, meaningful
interviews, career pages and customizable email templates
that bring your brand to life.

  • Automate surveys to measure candidate experience
  • Manage prospect data at in-person events with ease using the
    Events app

Constantly improve
your process using

Make data-driven decisions to easily measure your talent
team’s work and find out what’s working best.

  • Analyze and share 30+ core reports for at-a-glance takeaways
  • Connect reports to Google Sheets or your business intelligence
    platform with our BI Connector
  • Leverage machine learning and predictive analytics with
    Greenhouse Predicts to uncover the likelihood of hiring a
    candidate on time

Stay flexible with our
mobile apps

Keep your team involved and inspired with user-friendly
interfaces and easy-to-use mobile tools no matter where they

  • Access important Greenhouse Recruiting functionality on the
    go including interview prep kits, scorecards, summary of open
    roles, candidate profiles and more
  • Make the most of the Events app during job fairs and recruiting
    events to quickly manage candidate information while you focus
    on nurturing relationships

Scale to the size of your

Greenhouse helps businesses of every size and hiring need,
from fast-growing startups to sophisticated global

  • Advanced data configuration and customizable permissions
    and workflows help you meet the demands of complex systems
  • Build the exact hiring tech stack your organization needs with
    our 300+ integrations and open Harvest API
  • A localized experience lets your team conduct interviews, fill
    out scorecards and refer candidates to roles in their native
    language, including English, German, French, Spanish and

Greenhouse Onboarding

Set new hires up for success

With the right strategy and technology, new hires are set up to become productive and active members of the company faster and immediately ingrained in the company culture.

Build a new hire experience that
begins the moment an offer is

Design a personalized welcome experience

Automate task execution for administrative actions

Create an exceptional hiring experience for everyone

Lay a consistent framework for your onboarding process

Improve your processes with insightful reports and new hire feedback

Evaluate your onboarding performance

Integrate new team
members faster

Start onboarding new hires before their first day.

  • Provide an organized hub of useful resources
  • Introduce team members
  • Help familiarize new hires with company culture and policies

Get organized and
keep everyone

Develop a consistent plan that brings structure to your
onboarding process. Predetermine which actions need to be
completed for employees in each office, by role and team,
and easily organize documents for new hires to sign

  • Get your internal teams on the same page to make sure each
    person knows their onboarding role through a set of automated
    tasks and reminders
  • Configure an email flow that lets new hires know about next
    steps and to-do’s

administrative tasks
quickly and easily

Automate the logistics of the onboarding process so you can
focus on giving new hires a great experience and setting
them up for success. You’ll also save time by setting up a
structured process to get information and paperwork done
on time. Additionally, you can:

  • Define and manage your operations – set onboarding tasks for
    specific roles, office locations, employee statuses and other
  • Assign owners, notifications and automatic reminders for easy
    task completion

Evaluate your onboarding performance

Gather feedback from new hires and pull reports to find areas of improvement and make adjustments to continuously improve the process.

  • Work efficiently with hiring managers and department leads to
    make sure all new hires have everything they need for
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