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15Five software elevates the performance and engagement of employees by continuously asking questions and starting the right conversations.Supporting people in living extraordinary lives, both in and outside the office. Our mission to create highly-engaged, high performing organizations by helping people become their best selves.

Inspire team performance,
no matter the location.

Give your managers the tools they need to keep their team
engaged and motivated from anywhere.

Engagement that elevates
your organization

Generate high levels of performance by tapping into your
greatest advantage—your people.
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When it’s good for your people, it’s
good for your business

We’ve created a powerful people solution that helps
HR and People Ops leaders build and grow cultures
where every person—no matter their level–can bring
their whole, best selves to work every day.

  • Uncover the pain points of your employees so you can make more
    informed decisions and drive sustainable growth.
  • When managers transform into powerful coaches, amazing things can happen. Give them the tools needed to be better leaders.
  • Gain better visibility into your managers’ practices and lead positive organizational changes.
  • Let your people take the wheel of their own growth by developing their strengths and connecting them to the company’s purpose.

When you measure
what’s important, you
can fix what matters

Engagement+ helps you remove the roadblocks
impacting your employees’ performance.

An engagement survey
as unique as your people

With more than 30 evidence-based survey templates and 120
questions to choose from, Engagement+ helps you create
tailored surveys to fit your employees’ needs. Plus, 15Five helps
you consolidate results with a streamlined experience.

Access 15Five’s Full
Potential Index—for free

Inspired by research spanning four psychological sciences,
the Full Potential Index looks beyond engagement to measure
employee thriving. By understanding the things that truly
motivate people, like personal-strengths alignment and feeling
valued, you can unlock your employees’ highest potential.

Engagement+ is one part of a
productivity-boosting solution

15Five’s three-tiered approach leverages technology, education, and
services, and they’re all rooted in science to promote positive behavior
change. Engagement+ enables managers to take action to improve morale
and performance within their teams while providing visibility for HR and

Employee engagement that lasts

15Five equips you with the tools needed to create and sustain
a culture of high engagement.

Heatmapping dashboards

See how individuals and teams are feeling and quickly
identify high and low areas with detailed reporting

Comprehensive, irrefutable audit logs

Engagement question bank

With more than 120 evidence-based questions, you can
build and customize surveys to measure what’s
important to your organization.

Best-Self Academy

Managers can use the results from Engagement+ and
15Five’s Best-Self Academy to uplevel their skills and
implement positive changes.

Evidence-based survey templates

15Five’s employee engagement survey templates are
backed by four fields of psychological science to show a
detailed view of engagement.

Weekly Check-in for Performance Feedback

Set a weekly communication rhythm between managers and
employees, and let information fuel your business growth.

Improve employee
performance in minutes

Some of the world’s most successful companies like
Microsoft and GE use automated weekly check-ins for
their performance reviews. The 15Five check-in
replaces long reports, email threads, and
spreadsheets with a handful of feedback questions
served via a lightweight application. Managers get a
sense of team morale, and can quickly realign
employees around company goals.

Customizable questions
for any situation

Insightful feedback questions have a power all their
own. What you ask can spark employee innovation or
alert management to potential workplace problems.
Questions in the check-in are inspired by research to
make feedback more effective. The 15Five Question
Bank is loaded with dozens of categorized feedback
questions, so that managers can impact key areas like
employee performance, culture and engagement.

Unvarnished visibility and versatility

Feedback and employee performance metrics
collected in 15Five can be viewed, responded to,
passed up the ladder, and analyzed for strategic
insights. Check-in reporting provides both a high-level
snapshot and actionable data on how 15Five is used
throughout the company.

Check-in with your remote
team from anywhere

How can managers motivate and support remote
employees they never even see? With the right
feedback tools to fuel your remote management
strategy. We designed our beautiful iOS app, with
high-functioning remote teams in mind. So managers
can create a culture where employees feel heard, stay
productive, and remain accountable, even from far

Keep Your Team Focused, Engaged, and Aligned

Only 2% of employees can name their company’s top three
priorities. Managing objectives (OKRs) in 15Five aligns
everyone around the highest leverage activities.

Easily create, track and
manage OKRs

15Five helps structure your performance management
process without slowing you or your team down.
Rooted in the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) goal-
setting process, you can create individual,
department, collaborative, and company-wide

Keep OKRs top of mind

The process of tracking OKRs inside 15Five won’t
disrupt your employee’s workflow. While completing
their check-in, individuals quickly set the
status of the objective (on track, at risk, or behind), and can update
the progress on key results or use the Jira Cloud
integration to automate this.

One on One Meeting Agenda Software

A simple one on one meeting agenda software tool to plan and
execute quick and effective 1-on-1s with every employee on
your team.

Make the most of your
one on one meetings with
feedback tools

1-on-1s meeting agenda software allows managers to
turn employee feedback into swift action. While
reviewing an employee’s 15Five, managers can
quickly add responses to the upcoming 1-on-1 agenda,
making their face-time more effective and focused on

Focus on what matters

Coach employees through their most pressing
challenges and improve performance in real-time, by
easily creating action items based on what you
discuss during each one on one meeting. Turn employee feedback sessions into initiatives that
promote a positive organizational culture.

All of your employee
feedback notes in one

Provide coaching notes for employees to look back on
when they encounter similar workplace challenges in
the future. Record your own thoughts in the private
notes section to refer back to when evaluating
employee performance throughout the year.

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