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Discover how to protect the client-side of your applications. Start protecting your JavaScript and mitigating client-side threats in real-time.


Jscrambler brings cutting-edge protection to Web and mobile hybrid apps
Javascript Protection

JavaScript Protection

Resilient JavaScript protection for Web and Hybrid apps with polymorphic obfuscation, code locks, and self-defensive capabilities. The protected code is extremely hard to reverse-engineer and prevents debugging/tampering attempts.
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Webpage Monitoring

Webpage Monitoring

Holistic solution to detect and control malicious client-side behavior in real-time. Provides a complete inventory, as well as a detection live feed and an explorer, for a comprehensive full-scope view of security alerts.
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Magecart Mitigation

Magecart Mitigation

Behavior-based solution to detect and block web skimming attacks in real-time. Uses customizable fine-grained permission levels to block malicious scripts and suspicious outbound network events that lead to data exfiltration.
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In-App Protection
2019 Market Guide
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Online Fraud Detection
2020 Market Guide
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Technology Fast 500
2019, EMEA
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Fully compliant with all the main tech stacks

Easily integrate Jscrambler into your build process with our API. Jscrambler supports major JavaScript frameworks and libraries including Angular, Node, Vue, React, Ionic, and many others.

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Solutions for your industry

We have helped thousands of businesses with industry-specific use cases. Discover the main ones and how Jscrambler addresses them.

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Our Research and Resources

Learn more about new application security threats and technologies.

Increasing Compliance with Regulations in Digital Banking

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Digital Banking is experiencing unprecedented demand. In this white paper, we explore regulations and standards and how to increase compliance with them. Get the White Paper

How Bionano Genomics Increased Compliance with Regulations Using Jscrambler

Case Study
See how Jscrambler Code Integrity was employed by this cutting-edge healthcare company to increase compliance with data protection regulations. Read the Case Study

Securing Enterprise JavaScript Applications

In this webinar, we discuss the role of JavaScript in modern web apps and why companies need resilient JavaScript protection to prevent serious attacks. Watch the Webinar

Preventing Magecart Attacks

Info Sheet
Overview of Magecart attacks, exploring their modus operandi, the security weaknesses that they exploit, and a behavior-based solution to mitigate Magecart. Get the Info Sheet
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